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Sierra Fitness Q Centre Re-open Plan 

Our legal team has advised us on the following and will be effective immediately:

  • NO masks are required while lifting Free Weights, Machines or Cardio ie while doing any strenuous exercise. You must use common sense while walking to the gym and around the gym at all other times.

  • Scan in individually with your key tag, even if doors are open during staffed hours so we can track movement.

  • You MUST wash your hands with soap and water upon arrival.

  • Showers will be open for use.

  • If you are experiencing ANY fever, cough, sore throat, or shortness of breath, PLEASE, do not enter the gym.

  • Standard 1.5m safe distancing applies.

  • Be mindful of other members and keep your training sessions efficient.

  • Use your towel while training.

  • Wipe down ALL equipment using the sanitiser spray bottles provided.

  • Drinking fountain will be available for refills only. Bring your own water bottle, you may also use the front water dispenser or bathrooms at the moment.

  • Due to area constrictions Sierra gym must NOT exceed 20 members at ANY time. (This will be monitored via your electronic key tags & Surveillance

Questions or concerns, please email askus@sierrafitnessqcentre.com


Let's work together to Stay Safe, Healthy & Open!

Thank you for all your support and cooperation,

Team Sierra Q Super Centre 🏋️‍♀️💪

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