Sierra Fitness Q Centre COVID19 STAGE 3 PLAN 

  • As of the 3rd of JULY 2020, the following conditions will apply.

  • You MUST wash your hands with soap and water upon arrival.

  • Showers will now be open for use.

  • If you are experiencing ANY fever, cough, sore throat, or shortness of breath, PLEASE, do not enter the gym.

  • After entering the gym, you must immediately go and wash your hands with soap before touching any equipment or surfaces.

  • Standard 1.5m safe distancing will apply.

  • Be mindful of other members and keep your training session’s efficient.

  • Use your towel while training.

  • Wipe down ALL equipment using the Spray bottles provided on the walls.

  • Drinking fountain will also now be available for refills only. Bring your own water bottle, you may also use the front water dispenser or bathrooms at the moment.

  • Due to area constrictions Sierra gym must NOT exceed 20 members at ANY time. (This will be monitored via your electronic key tags & Surveillance

Questions or concerns, please email


Let's work together to Stay safe, healthy & Open!

Thank you for all your Support and Cooperation,

Cheers, Team Sierra Q Super Centre 🏋️‍♀️💪