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Sierra offers personal training to suit our clients needs and budget.  Our trainers offer free consultations to discuss your training requirements and how they can assist you to achieve your goals.  Click on our trainer profiles and contact details below to make an appointment.

Dyhann Pike

I value the importance of teamwork and believe that building trust between trainer and client is essential for success. I use motivation as one of my key tools to positively influence people to achieve their fitness goals. I also believe that it is crucial to continually improve one’s health and fitness with the positive result being an enduring lifestyle. I can appreciate how everyday priorities can impact  self-care and home life, which is why I develop specific programs to suit all lifestyles and guarantee enjoyment along the way.



Certificate IV in Fitness

Certificate III in Fitness

First Aid Certificate

CPR Training



Personal Training

50+ Personalized Training

Conditioning & Endurance Training

Ages 13 to 17 Personal Training



Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

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