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One of your wisest decisions to safeguard your health is to start a fitness program. All things considered, the role of nutrition is very crucial for it plays an important role in many ways.

It provides fuel to accomplish the workout. If you are exercising with only a candy bar and diet soda in your tummy, your stamina will not last. you’re your stomach must be aptly filled with nutritious food and drink for the energy required for such a strenuous activity.

The proper food to take before a workout are those rich in healthy carbs such as bananas, breakfast cereal, corn, green peas, sourdough bread, white potatoes, and other fruits and veggies. Before working out, avoid saturated fats as those found in buttered popcorn, dessert toppings, margarine, creamer and large amounts of protein found in dairy food, fish, lean white and red meat, nuts and seeds. Don’t forget to drink lots of water. After your workout you need to get hydrated as you lose plenty of water while exercising. You can now feast on food containing healthy carbs and proteins to restore lost energy and repair your muscles.


Nutrition and exercise are the best ways to maintain a healthy and well-fit body. Good nutrition would be ineffective without proper exercise and vice-versa. You can starve yourself to lose weight but you will need the exercise to avoid becoming weak and sick. Many obese people exercise but continue their usual unhealthy eating styles. Far from losing weight, they might even gain it. Others try to diet but inadvertently increase their food craving to compensate for their limited metabolism.

There is no other way for you to stay fit and healthy. It is only through proper diet and keeping your body active with good exercise. Eat the healthy carbs and fats plus lean proteins, but in moderation. Drink plenty of water and exercise a lot.

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